Business Litigation

At  Engel Law Offices, we are on your team throughout your journey as a business owner. As a legal extension to your organization this allows you unlimited access to our firm without excessive fees. Anytime you need your legal team, we will be there to assist you.

The attorneys at Engel Law Offices have had experience handling commercial litigation in matters throughout New York State, in Federal Court and throughout the country on a pro hac vice basis. We have successfully litigated matters on behalf of our clients regarding contract claims, auction matters, dissolution disputes and other commercially based litigation.

You should establish a relationship with a law firm at the inception of owning your business and not when you have a serious legal problem.  You will have a better outcome if you have established a relationship with an attorney prior to litigation. At Engel Law Offices, our goal is to intricately know our client and their business to protect their assets for today, tomorrow and the future. If you find you need our litigation services, we will help you at any time.

The need for an attorney begins when you’re starting a business, dissolving one, buying or selling a business, or hiring high-level employees. These are major business issues that are benefitted from the advice and counsel of an attorney. Should you or your business need to pursue, or defend, litigation the team at Engel Law Offices will help you every step of the way to ensure that your best interest is being protected. Our firm has represented businesses throughout New York State and have had matters in New Jersey, Ohio, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and London. Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding your business litigation issues.

You Need an Attorney

When you’ll want or need the advice of a good small-business attorney. Here are  examples of legal issues that require the help of an experienced attorney:

  • You and your business partners want to make tax based allocations of profits and losses in your partnership agreement or LLC operating agreement (this is an area that needs the help of an experienced tax attorney that our firm works directly with.)
  • You or your business partners want to contribute appreciated property to a partnership or LLC (this also requires the assistance of an experienced tax attorney).
  • You’re buying a business and a major environmental issue comes up (environmental protection laws carry heavy penalties for landowners, even for those who didn’t cause the contamination).
  • An employee or former employee threatens to sue your business for discrimination or one of your managers for sexual harassment.

A mistake in any of these areas can cost you — and your business partners — serious money. In any of these situations, paying for the help of an experienced attorney will more than offset the potential harm you might cause your business if you don’t deal with these issues properly. The tricky part is finding a attorney who is experienced in these specialty areas, as well as being someone you can work with. Having an attorney, CPA, and a business consultant (the right strategic plan) teamed up to help you, these issues can be avoided.


Feel free to contact Engel Law Offices for your commercial litigation needs.