Phone Calls and Email Policy

One of the biggest complaints about lawyers is that as a profession we don’t return telephone calls and ignore emails from our clients or potential clients. This practice if true, is one that is disrespectful to the client and other members of our profession.

My policy is to try to return calls or emails within 5 hours. I never want a client to feel that their matter is being ignored or that they are not important to me. While there are times that I will refrain from taking calls during the day, I always set aside time both in the morning and afternoon to respond to telephone calls and emails. In that respect, the client can have a connection with me quickly, and if I need time to review or research a matter before giving a definitive answer I will let the client know.

Staying accessible to the client is important. That is why my Iphone is linked to my office email and if I am out of the office for an extended time my phone is forwarded to my cell so that the client does not feel unimportant.  Not only is knowledge of the law an important factor for a good attorney but so is being available to respond to their needs, questions and thoughts.

Todd Engel

Why I love being a general practitioner

I love being a general practioner!

I represent corporations and individuals in such a wide and varied area of the law. I handle matters involving business planning and ultimate representation, estate planning, civil litigation, personal injury litigation, real estate, and equine law.  I have and do represent people criminally, as well as in Family Court.

Each day and case offers me a new opportunity to expand my knowledge in the law. But more importantly, it allows me to guide and assist my client in a way that is best for them. While each practice area may be different in scope and focus, the goal at the end of the day is always the same; get the best result for the client.

While each practice area has definite differences, they all excite me and keep me interested and involved. I love that one morning I can be working on a complaint in a personal injury matter and that afternoon I can be working with a family to figure out how best to plan their estate.

The saying goes variety is the spice of life. With my practice, my life is therefore definitely spicy! Which is how I like it.

Todd Engel

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